If you're tired of having to replace your traditional asphalt shingle roof every couple of decades (while also having to pay for expensive repairs along the way), then it might be time to consider the option of metal roofing. After all, metal roofs can easily last for several decades when properly cared for. Overall, metal is a much more durable material and will help protect your home from the elements while also reflecting radiant heat (cutting down on your energy costs in the process). Still, there are some simple maintenance and care tasks that all homeowners with metal roofs should follow to ensure that they get the most out of them.

Consider a Waterproof Coating

Over time, water can cause even the most durable of metals to rust and corrode. That's why it's so important to have your metal roof covered in a waterproof coating or another non-corrosive agent. This should be done not only immediately after your metal roof is installed, but periodically throughout the life of your roof as needed. After all, waterproof coatings don't last forever; a roofing expert will be able to inspect your roof and tell you whether or not it's time for a new coating on your metal roof. These coatings will protect the metal from condensation--which can lead to rust and corrosion over time--thus significantly prolonging the life of your roof.

Patch Small Holes as Needed

Have your metal roof inspected at least once a year, just as you would with any other roof. You can either contact a professional (recommended) or even complete a basic inspection yourself. During the inspection, be on the lookout for small holes forming in the roof. If not taken care of, these holes can quickly grow. Fortunately, if found early enough, these holes can easily be patched with a small amount of cement. For slightly larger holes, a patch should first be created and placed over the hole before solidifying it in place with cement.

Watch Which Screws Are Used

Finally, whenever you do work on your roof or have a professional do work on it, make sure that any nails being used are made of the same metal as the roof itself. Otherwise, you run the risk of two different metals causing a chemical reaction, which can lead to corrosion. Fortunately, any experienced and reputable roofing company should know this and will be sure to use the right kind of nails on your roof during repairs.