Windows are an essential part of any house's design. They conduct light, heat and cold into your home. Windows have the smallest amount of insulation in the home, so controlling the amount of heat and cold that comes into the home via the windows is one of the best ways to cut down on energy costs. While traditional curtains are great for blocking out light, in order to regulate the amount of heat and cold that comes into your home you will need thermal curtains. Thermal curtains are designed to keep excess cold and heat out of your home.

What are thermal curtains made from?

The most popular materials for thermal curtains are cotton, velvet and silk. However, other materials such as microfiber may be used as well. Thermal curtains come in a variety of patterns and colors. This means that they are not just useful for keeping rooms cool or keeping them warm, they can also add an element of style to your home décor.

How do thermal curtains work to reduce energy costs?

Thermal curtains can drastically reduce your energy bills. It is possible to reduce your energy costs by at least 25% with thermal curtains.That means that if your heating or cooling bill is $2500 per month you will see savings of up to $625 per month. If you multiply that by 12, you will see savings of up to $7500 per year. This makes thermal curtains well worth the investment.

How do I take care of thermal curtains?

The manufacturer will most often include a set of instructions for cleaning thermal curtains. You should read them over carefully so that you don't damage your curtains. In general, the following guidelines should work for cleaning most thermal curtains.

  • Use the gentlest cycle on the machine for velvet or cotton thermal curtains
  • Tumble dry the curtains once you remove them from the washer
  • Remove the curtains while they are a bit damp; this will reduce the chances that the curtains will wrinkle
  • Use cold water to wash silk thermal curtains
  • Air dry silk curtains when possible instead of tumble drying them
  • If you hang thermal curtains in the bathroom you will need to wash them more often, since they will be more prone to mildew due to the dampness of the room.

Thermal curtains are one of the best investments you can make, because they are a great way to save on energy costs and improve the décor of your home.