Hanging your curtains doesn't have to be that hard. You shouldn't have to put twelve nail holes in your wall before finally getting your drapery rod straight, and you can get the perfect pleat on the first try. Use the tips below for hanging your curtains like a pro, and with less stress.

Hanging Drapery Rods

Hanging your drapery rods is probably one of those chores you loathe. It has to be level, and the holes have to match up perfectly. The simple way to take on this task is with cardboard. That's right, cardboard. Take a piece of 12 inch square piece of cardboard, and cut a 5 inch square out of the bottom right-hand corner. Make sure the square hole is at a 90 degree angle, so it fits perfectly around the top corner of your window molding. 

Then take your drapery rod, along with one panel, and check the height of the rod, as well as the width of your rod. Mark the holes of the bracket on your cardboard with a pencil. 

Drill the holes through the cardboard for your pilot holes, and install your bracket. No measuring, leveling, or other tools needed. For the other side of your window, simply flip the cardboard over, like a mirror image of the other side. Then drill your holes, and attach the bracket on that side as well. Just like that, your drapery rod is installed without any extra, unnecessary holes.

Tips For Hanging Your Drapes

ā€‹1. Use Grommets, Clips Or Rings

Most drapes come with grommets or rings, but if you have the type that has the rod pocket, use clips or rings instead. You can find them in the drapery section at most larger retail stores. The hardware is inexpensive and looks a little nicer. It's also more functional to use, rather than the pockets. You can open and close your curtains and drapes much easier. Plus, without the excess bunching at the top of your curtains, you won't have as much dust buildup.

2. Hang Curtains Floor To Ceiling

Hang your curtains floor to ceiling to make the room feel more elegant and sophisticated. Hanging your drapery rod all the way up to the ceiling, will add height and make the room feel larger. If you need longer curtains for this look, you may need to sew a little extra fabric to your existing curtains.

3. Flank The Sides Of The Window

Place your rods further out to the sides of your windows, with the curtains out a little further as well, to make the window appear larger than it is. This is a great tip for windows that are offset. You can add a third curtain panel to make your windows look like one large picture window.

4. Pinch Pleats

When using clips for your curtains, pinch the fabric to give the illusion of pleats. They will have the perfect wave you usually have with grommet window panels. Pinch a pleat on the ends and one in the center. Pinch more pleats in between the center and the ends, depending on how many clips you have.

Hanging your curtains doesn't have to be too difficult, and you can hang them so they look like they were installed by a professional. For more information, contact a drapery store like Park City Blind & Design.