Shopping for a new house can be an adventure, especially if you are buying your first home. Potential home buyers have a lot to consider about the homes they plan to purchase. However, while you may know about how flooring and structural parts of a house should look before buying, you may not notice the windows. For most people looking at house to buy, if a window is not broken and has a nice aesthetic appeal, it is acceptable.

Windows That Come With Warranties

Learning more about the windows in the home you are considering is important. Some high quality windows come with warranties that are transferrable from the seller of the home to you. Knowing you have warranties on the windows in your home is a good feeling and ensures you they are worthwhile. Some window warranties are good for up to twenty years on the glass and up to ten years on parts not made out of glass. Always ask sellers when you are house shopping about who manufactured the windows in their homes and how long they have been installed.

What Does A Window Warranty Usually Cover?

As with most types of product warranties the materials and craftsmanship is completely covered by most window warranties, including:

  • Glass deformation (discolorations appearing as white, milky strings in glass)
  • Glass seals coming undone or falling apart

Window glass warranties usually do not cover additional effects that have been added to windows like tinting and glazing or broken panes from the kid's baseball next door. In addition to the glass in a window, some warranties also cover the non-glass parts of a window. Hardware on windows like latches, parts of the sash, hinges, screen, weather stripping and balance systems are usually covered in window warranties. However, as with glass pane coverage, the hardware is covered only if the damage was caused by faulty manufacturing and poor craftsmanship.

When A Home Buyer Becomes The Seller

One aspect of home buying to consider, especially if it is your first home, is the prospect of selling it the future as your family grows or if you start making more money. Purchasing a home with window warranties, like those available at Fary W. T. Bros Lumber Co., automatically adds greater value your investment. Consider also how you can add more additions with warranties like glass storm doors or sliding glass doors for increasing the value in your home.

Save a lot of money and stress by learning as much as you can about a new house before you buy it. Taking your time to find the best deal can have many benefits, one of the greatest being you and your family being happier and safer in your new house.