Are you shopping for andersen windows? Are you trying to decide what type of glass is best for your home? Here are some reasons to choose the type of window that filters out up to 95 percent of harmful Ultraviolet (UV) rays: 

Protect your skin: If you open your drapes during the daytime to allow in sunlight, the UV rays will come through the window glass, even on cloudy days. With enough exposure, you, your family, and your pets with light colored fur can get sunburned without going outdoors, and increase everyone's chances of developing skin cancer. Replacing your old windows with ones that filter UV rays will allow you to safely enjoy natural light indoors without worrying about potential skin damage. You'll be able to relax in front of any open curtains without having to slather on broad spectrum sunscreen every few hours. 

Preserve your furnishings: Conventional window glass does nothing to block the harmful effects of sunlight. Ultraviolet light can cause your carpeting to fade, discolor wooden furnishings, and damage the cloth on your furniture. Finding the best sofa and creating the perfect decor environment is an investment of your time and money. Windows that filter UV rays will protect your assets and keep them from aging prematurely. 

Increase energy efficiency: Conventional windows offer you little thermal control in hot or cold weather conditions. Because they do little to block infrared (IR) light, they allow solar heat gains and increase the temperatures in the home. This could result in higher cooling bills in the summer as the amount of sunlight hours increase. Choosing a window glass that blocks UV rays and IR light will block the effects of solar heat while lowering your electricity costs. You'll also be able to save money during the day by using sunlight instead of turning on lamps or overhead light fixtures. 

Improve comfort level: Conventional window glass allows heat to build up in rooms. This can make a room feel hot and uncomfortable, especially if the windows have a southern exposure. Replacing your old windows with glass that blocks UV rays will allow you to relax in your home without feeling like the sun has turned it into an oven or sauna. Also, if you have older windows, the casing around them could be allowing air leaks. Installing vinyl windows that block UV rays will keep your home free from unwanted drafts while protecting you and your home from the effects of the sun.