Most HVAC systems use furnaces for heating, but in some cases, a boiler may be used. The boiler heats water or steam that is used for heating a coil and this then provides heating for your home through ductwork. If the boiler is large enough, it can be used for more than just the heating in your home. You can also use it for adding heating to a garage, shop or other open areas that you want to have heating for. Here are three things that you may want to know about central HVAC from places like Armstrong Services Inc and using a boiler for heating:

1. Choices Of Energy With Boilers For Heating

Boilers have the benefit of giving you many different choices for energy. You can have a conventional gas boiler installed that uses natural gas, or you can have an outdoor wood burning or biomass boiler installed for your home. The biomass boilers have a lower fuel cost, but will require more maintenance than other solutions. With a wood burning boiler, you will be able to use your own firewood, but you will have to tend to the boiler regularly to ensure that it has firewood in it.

2. Making Your Heating Expandable With A Boiler

Using a boiler for your heating can also make your heating system expandable. With an extra pump on the boiler, you can add heating to garages, shops or greenhouses. This is great for homes that are on large properties with more than one building that needs heating. With a conventional furnace system, you will not be able to do this. The boiler can allow you to have central heating in your home, and other heating solutions in other open spaces that you need to heat.

3. Potable Hot Water With A Boiler For Heating And Hot Water

With a boiler, you can also have potable hot water for your home, which means that you can have heating and hot water in one system. This can reduce your energy expenses and give you everything you need for your home. Even during months when you are not using heating, you can use the boiler for your hot water needs. This is usually done with two separate plumbing circuits; one for heating and one for hot water. When the boiler is being used for hot water, it will use a lot less fuel and you can even just heat the water once a day when you need it.

Having a boiler to provide your home with heating can give you many benefits. If you want to have your furnace replaced with a boiler, contact an HVAC contractor and ask them about converting your heating systems to use a boiler.