It's time to remodel your bathroom, and perhaps you'd like more of an airy ambience. Well, what feels more open and light than a coastal-inspired bathroom? Imagine white walls accented with bright colors, beach décor, and simple luxury. Update your bathroom with coastal chic elements.


Beaded board wainscoating may seem like an unusual touch for a bathroom. However, white beaded board gives your bathroom an upscale cabana feel. At minimum, have the beaded board wainscoating installed in the corner containing your sink and medicine cabinets. Opt for white on both of those as well to promote the light feel.

Paint or Wallpaper

The key to promoting the coastal chic vibe is contrasting the white with a beach-inspired color, according to Better Homes and Gardens. Shades of turquoise, coral, or sand hues best promote this ambience. Achieve this look either with paint in one of those colors or wallpaper. If opting for wallpaper, choose a design that is subtle enough to keep the look classic. For instance, look for sea-blue wallpaper with white, stylized sea stars and sea dollars.


Your tile work can either add more color or provide a neutral base. So, if you opted for blue or coral walls, consider either white or sand tiles in your shower. Alternatively, cool blue tiles contrasted with sand-colored walls offer the same coastal chic look. Either way, consider selecting glass tiles because they shimmer even when they're not wet, promoting that feel of water.

Soaking Tub

Speaking of water, a large part of the fun at the beach is the water, right? A current trend in bathroom remodels is adding a freestanding soaking tub. If placed prominently, a soaking tub serves as a focal point of your bathroom, almost like a work of art. However, if you have a large window, consider placing the tub in front of it to promote that outdoor water vibe.

Shower Fixtures

Of course, the other main source of water in your bathroom is the shower. Rainfall showerheads have been a simple but luxurious upgrade for awhile. The oversized showerhead collects the water and releases it in a steady stream. If you are considering a spa panel, the rain shower head can be combined with other sprays. In that case, consider horizontal sprays aimed to give you a soothing back massage in the shower.

Once you've gotten the remodel done with the foundation for coastal chic, completing the design is simply a matter of selecting a few beach-inspired decorations. Mirrors that mimic coral, sea stars, lanterns, natural sponges and wicker are all décor elements that can finish the transformation of your bathroom. For more inspiration, take a look at sites like