If you have traveled to Mexico, you have probably been charmed by the warm and lovely look of the architecture. Even if your home is not built in the Mexican style, having that look in your dining room would be beautiful. Here are some ideas that might inspire you while you design your room.

The Walls - Think fiesta! 

  • Be bold when you select the color of the paint for your kitchen walls. Don't hesitate to use bright pink, turquoise, orange or yellow. Of course, if you don't want something that dramatic and you want to go with something more subtle, you can always go with a light mocha, off-white, or another pale shade of one of your favorite colors.  
  • A darling look would be to put decorative pottery pieces on the walls. Half pots with real or artificial flowers would be adorable.
  • Consider adding ceramic tile on one wall, either covering the entire wall or to create a design. One idea is to select ceramic tile pieces that will spell something in Spanish. If you have the room, consider Salud, Amor, Pesetas Y Tiempo Para Disfrutarlas, which translates to Health, Love, Coins, And Time In Which To Enjoy Them. A shorter idea would be to have words like Amistad, Paz y Amor, which mean Friendship, Peace and Love.

The Decor - Use wood, wrought iron and lots of color.

  • Wood or wrought iron furniture would be great in a Mexican kitchen. If you choose wood, think about having wrought iron accent pieces, and vice versa. Consider adding bright chair mats for comfort and because they would add drama to the room.
  • A darling touch would be to hang different styles of piñatas from the ceiling or from wall hooks.
  • If you have the room, consider adding an indoor fountain. Place pottery birds anywhere you can for an authentic Mexican look.
  • A colorful rebozo would be darling in the middle of the table, especially if you add a bowl of paper flowers or paper mache fruit to the centerpiece.

The Floors - For a true Mexican flavor, go with ceramic tile!

  • Consider Saltillo tile of a reddish-orange color. It will go with any decor you have selected.
  • For a more dramatic look, choose ceramic tile with a traditional Mexican pattern in it. A floral pattern or one with birds in it would be fabulous.
  • If you want something in between, consider a solid color for the major part of the floor, but surround it with a border that has a Mexican pattern in it. Choosing the sun and the moon as your patterns would be truly unique.
  • Ceramic floors are a great choice. Not only are they really pretty, but they are practical. You just have to sweep and mop them, and every few years you might need to pay special attention to the grout. They're affordable and will last for a very long time.

Have fun planning your Mexican dining room! Check out a company like House Of Floors to get started.