High-tech digital locks have been around for a while. The same systems first used on cars have not been adapted to work on homes, but are they really safer than conventional locks?

Code Grabbers: Myth or Fact?

When digital locking systems first emerged, they used a single code to lock and unlock your doors, usually stored in a key fob. The same technology was used for garage door openers. Thieves, being inventive and more tech-savvy than you might imagine, now have devices called code-grabbers, which can seemingly snatch your digital key code out of the air or from your car itself and enable them to unlock your car, house or garage door. While some experts say that code grabbers are an urban myth, surveillance cameras have caught car thieves opening car doors silently and quickly with a small box. These thefts have police stumped in many localities.

Vulnerabilities of Digital House Locks

Experts agree that digital locks, while convenient for you, do not make your home any more secure. Most thieves look for the point of least resistance, entering your house through unlocked doors or forced entry. A test by British lock hackers showed that an expensive fingerprint scanning lock can be disabled easily with a paper clip.

What Are The Safest Options?

Newer digital locks use a rolling code that is not as vulnerable to code grabbers. Still, a high-end keyed lock is often much less expensive and tests show that they performed better than high-tech locks. Updating older digital locks and garage door openers with newer, safer models is a good first step to increase your security.

What Can You Do to Thwart Burglars?

The most obvious way to keep burglars out of your vehicle is not to leave anything of value inside your car. Car burglars look for visible items that can be sold or pawned quickly, such as computers, cell phones and mini televisions clipped to a visor. Home burglars look for garage door openers and spare keys, which allow them to gain easy access to your house. Never leave your keys in the car, even if it is securely parked in your garage. Make the doors from your garage into your house and to the outside as secure as your front door.

While digital locks may be more convenient, tests show that quality keyed locks can offer you better security. Being smart by not leaving valuable items in your car is your best protection against car burglars. For more information, contact Anderson Lock & Safe, LLC or a similar company.