If you live in your home with an elderly individual, you get to see first hand the struggles that they can often face in the house with just daily tasks because they are no longer as nimble, balanced, or strong as they once were. This can bring about a lot of concerns for their safety when you have to leave them at home alone, or even when they are roaming through the house without someone by their side. Thankfully, there are a few home features that can ease your mind and make the life inside of the house much more easy to handle for your elderly cohabitant. 

Conveniently Placed Railing Throughout the Home

Of course you need handrails on your stairs and steps for support whether you are elderly or not for safety, but those who have issues with stability will appreciate railing in many other places in the home. For example, you could have a simple handrail installed that runs the length of the hallway, which would give an older adult a place to lean to rest if they are having difficulties, and even a support to lean on if they are feeling especially weak. Railing installation could be a possibility in the bathroom where slips and falls are a big threat, surrounding the porches on the home, or even in closet areas where reaching or stooping may call for a little extra help standing stable.

Lower Counter Heights in the Bathroom and Kitchen

As a person ages, standing for long periods of time can be especially challenging. This change in standing strength for an elderly individual will mean they will sometimes have a difficult time standing at counters of standard height in the kitchen or bathroom to achieve simple tasks, like shaving or preparing their meals. Consider adding a section to the counters in your home that is slightly offset, allowing a lower height than the rest of the construction, with an opening beneath instead of a cabinet. This will offer a place where a chair can be placed or wheelchair used to still perform the same necessary tasks while seated. 

When you have an elderly individual living with you in your home, you will definitely want to make sure that they remain just as safe and comfortable as you are. Talk to a home modification contractor for more ideas about changes that could be made to help.