Have you been trying to figure out how to reduce the electricity usage in your house? You may want to turn your attention to how your house is being heated, as no electricity is necessary if you opt for propane gas heating. In this article, learn what you should know about propane gas heating to decide if it can satisfy your needs:

What is Propane Gas Heating?

Propane gas heating is an alternative way to heat your home with gas that is stored in a tank. The tank will have to be installed in or above the ground at your house. The great thing about propane gas is that it can work with a normal gas furnace. However, you can also invest in a propane furnace if you want more efficiency.

Propane gas heating is actually a good way to help towards reducing global warming, as there will be fewer greenhouse gases emitted into the environment. A few of the other pros to consider about propane gas heating include:

  • The gas burns clean & free of toxins
  • Very little maintenance is necessary
  • A propane furnace lasts up to 20 years

You will also find that a propane tank is not expensive when it comes to getting it filled up with gas. You are looking to spend an estimate of a little over $2 per gallon. The amount of gallons needed for filling the tank will depend on what size you have.

Are There Any Cons to Consider About Propane Gas Heating?

You must keep in mind that a propane gas tank must be installed on your property. If you want the tank installed under the ground, a large portion of your landscape will have to be excavated. If you don't want your landscape excavated, the tank can be placed on top of the ground. The con is that no matter where the tank is placed, it can detract from the beauty of your landscape.

You must also consider that the propane tank must receive inspections in order to remain safe. The inspections are vital for finding gas leaks before they cause major problems. For instance, the gas can lead to a big explosion on your property.

You don't have to go the most common route of using a natural gas furnace and electricity to warm your house up. Contact a contractor to get a tank installed on your property so you can start taking advantage of residential propane gas service.