If you are going to have new plumbing fixtures installed in your home, such as new sink faucets or would like to purchase a new toilet, then you are probably counting on a plumber to install them for you. Although it is certainly a good idea to have a professional do this installation for you, there is one step that you can take on your own that can save you some money -- purchasing the fixtures on your own. Even though your plumber will surely be more than happy to purchase them for you, here are some of the benefits of going to a home improvement store or shopping online to buy your own plumbing fixtures first.

1. Find Better Deals

Your plumber probably has a couple of places that he or she goes to purchase plumbing fixtures and supplies. Even though these places might provide the best deals on pipes and other things that your plumber needs, they might not have the cheapest prices on the fixtures that you want. If you do your own shopping for your plumbing fixtures, then you can shop around at multiple stores and on the Internet until you find the most reasonable pricing. All of this price shopping isn't really something that you can expect a plumber to do, but if you do it yourself, then you can save quite a bit.

2. Choose the Look That's Right for Your Home

A lot of plumbers will only offer you a few options. If you want fancy sink faucets or other super-nice upgrades, you might need to look for them yourself. By doing your own shopping, you can ensure that you find the perfect pieces to complement the look of your home.

3. Pick Out Eco-Friendly Fixtures

Conserving water is important if you value the environment. One great way to start conserving water more is by purchasing eco-friendly plumbing fixtures that use as little water as possible. There are different levels of eco-friendliness and water conservation when it comes to plumbing fixtures, and some eco-friendly plumbing fixtures use more water than others. If you're shopping yourself, you can look for the WaterSense labels and compare them to make the soundest financial choice.

If you are relying on your plumber to purchase your plumbing fixtures for you, you should know that there is a better option. By buying your own, you can enjoy these three benefits and more while still benefiting from a professional installation by a qualified plumber.

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