Dogs and cats are the most popular pets in the U.S., with dog ownership exceeding cat ownership by just a slight bit. If you own a dog or cat and the thought of scooping feces makes you want to vomit, you may be wondering if it is safe to flush your pets' feces in the same toilet you use. You may also be wondering what that would do to a septic system and how it affects a septic tank cleaning. Here are all the reasons why you should not flush dog and cat feces into a septic tank, including how it will affect your septic tank cleanings.

Pet Feces Is a Loaded Gun of Parasites

Never mind the multiple types of bacteria found in animal feces which can make you violently ill or kill you. No, puppies and adult dogs are carriers of at least three kinds of internal parasites that can spread to humans:

  • Hookworms
  • Tapeworms
  • Roundworms

Cats are parasite carriers as well, but they carry one extra parasite in their feces that dogs do not--toxoplasmosis.

This is the biggest reason why pet owners need to de-worm their animals regularly and often. It only takes one infected dog to drop feces on the ground or carry the parasite eggs stuck to the anal fur to infect dozens more pets and humans, and one cat to infect the other cats in your home and infect you and the children. If you flush your pet's feces into your septic system, you are giving these parasites exactly what they need to survive while they await a living host, which could very well be your tank cleaning company's employees.

Clogs, Poor Breakdown of Waste and an Increase of Tank Overflow

If you think the bacteria and parasites are not gross enough, think about what could happen if your septic tank overflows. Now your yard becomes a highly toxic and dangerous stomping ground for everything that your pets carried in their bodies and that you put down the toilet. Additionally, low quality, cheap pet foods have fillers such as ash and bits of animal parts that do not break down inside your pets but come out the other end. Ash, beaks, feet, claws, etc., do not break down in septic tanks, no matter how long they sit, and will eventually lead to clogs in your system, costing you significantly more money in repairs than if you dispose of pet waste in the trash.

Talk to your septic tank cleaning service to learn more.