Whether you're just starting out in farming or you've been at it for a while, when it's time to make a new shelter for your livestock, consider using a metal carport rather than having a wooden barn built. Here are 3 reasons why a carport makes more sense:

The barn has no portability factor.

When you have a wooden barn constructed, it's going to stay put wherever it stands. To move it would entail hours of backbreaking work taking it apart and rebuilding it elsewhere on your property. Realistically, you'll probably never relocate that barn.

A metal carport can easily be moved to another location on your land as your farming operation changes. Today it may function as a cattle shed, but tomorrow you may decide to use it to house hay or tractors. With interior metal panels available to create portable horse stalls, farrowing quarters, and goat pens, your carport can easily be anything you want it to be, offering you flexibility as your farm grows.

A carport provides good air flow for hot climates.

It's true that a closed-in barn is great for extremely cold environments. Your animals appreciate the extra protection from the wind and weather. And you can have carports made with sides installed like barns if you choose.

In hotter climates, however, housing animals in an open-sided livestock shelter makes more sense than using a closed barn. Animals are protected from rain, sun, and hail in the carport, but they also get good ventilation as breezes are free to flow through the open sides. This cuts down on moisture buildup that can cause serious diseases, and it keeps animals cool. Additionally, if you store hay and feed under a metal carport, the extra air flow will help keep these supplies from growing moldy as might occur in a dank, hot barn.

A metal carport is easier to keep clean.

You can drive tractors and manure spreaders straight up to the open carport sides and load waste directly out of pens from every part of the carport. The metal components are easy to rinse off, and they don't rot with repeated exposure to water or suds.

When leaves or other debris collect under the carport in autumn, a leaf blower will easily blast them away. You won't be sweeping out the corners as you must do in a barn. Bugs aren't attracted to the metal components of the carport the way they are drawn to wood, so you won't have to spray for termites or carpenter ants, and you won't ever have to replace any insect-rotted sections of your carport.

There are a number of reasons a carport beats a barn when you need a livestock shelter, including the fire resistance of metal. When it's time to expand your livestock quarters, consider the possibilities and flexibility of a metal carport.

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