In hotter climates, the period between an air conditioner breaking and being repaired can be an agonizing wait. Without the relief of chilled air circulating through your home, you may be left to languish in the heat for days or even weeks at a time. Rather than suffer through this ordeal passively, however, you can take steps to cool down both you and your home and make the time more bearable. 

Cover Your Windows

Windows are the biggest source of heat transfer in your home. During the winter, they allow warm air to escape your home, and in summer, they transfer hot air in. If unimpeded, the light that travels through your window will quickly raise the temperature inside your home. You can help reflect incoming sunlight by drawing your curtains and shutting your blinds. It might be a bit gloomy, but turning on a few LED lamps will brighten up your home with minimal additional heat. 

Circulate Air Efficiently

Many homeowners do not realize that the direction a fan spins will impact how air flows through the house. A fan spinning clockwise collects rising hot air and pushes it back down, where people can appreciate it on a cold day. A fan running counterclockwise, on the other hand, sucks up hot air from below and circulates it upward. Check your fan's settings and make sure that it is spinning counterclockwise to properly redistribute heat in the summer. 

Cool Yourself Down

Even if the air around you is practically crackling with heat, you can still cool yourself down with some old remedies. Soak a towel, place it in the freezer and then drape it over your forehead as a refreshing headband. Keep a supply of chilled water bottles on hand to stay hydrated, and wear loose, light clothing. If possible, take a nap through the worst heat of the day. 

Don't Create More Heat

When the air outside is constantly increasing the temperature of your home, the last thing you want to do is help it along. Avoid appliances and gadgets that generate excessive heat, such as ovens, toasters, and even dishwashers. Do not use incandescent light bulbs, which radiate much more heat than LED lights, and keep your showers either short or cold.

By conserving precious cold air throughout the day, your home will hopefully still be at a reasonable temperature by the time evening brings cooler air to the rescue. With a little luck, your air conditioning unit will be repaired quickly, and you will soon be back in carefree, air-conditioned bliss.