Today, many people are turning traditional barns into beautiful homes, a trend that is fast catching on because of the benefits available in doing so. For some homeowners, living in a barn provides a romantic home that is more affordable. For many others, being able to live near their horses is beneficial for time and money savings, an especially great idea for caretakers of expensive race and breeding horses. However, you do not have to own horses or a farm to have your barn house. Check out the kinds of benefits you can enjoy while living in your barn home.

Experience A Unique Kind Of Rustic Design

If you enjoy traditional, western style home design, you should know that a barn can be the perfect place to pull of a fantastic and unique rustic design. For example, an open loft offers the opportunity for creating overhead trusses you would not likely have in a residential home. In a barn with an open loft, you can also create a tall, rock fireplace, a far cry from the fireplace and mantle you would find in a residential home. The use of stained wood and river rocks inside your barn home can add a peaceful rustic appeal that is comforting and inviting, providing the great benefit of feeling cozy and right at home.

The walls in your barn home can be wood slats, stained to look old and worn. In a rustic style kitchen, you can enjoy open storage space by hanging pots and pans from lowered trusses, a neat way to decorate your kitchen through a cool way to store cookware.

Enjoy The Freedom Of Low or No Mortgage Payments

If you already have a barn you want to convert into your living space, you can do so at just the cost of renovations and remodeling. However, if you want to create a barn home, but do not own a barn, you may have the additional cost of purchasing metal barn or having a traditional wood barn built. Either way, your cost of living in a converted barn can be far less than that of living in the average, brick ranch style house, especially if you pay as you go for renovations. Most lenders are hesitant to loan out conventional home financing for metal or wood barn structures, leaving many to create barn homes on a pay as you go basis. Living in a home that is paid for along the way is a lot less stressful and more enjoyable than living in one that comes with high mortgage payments set up for several years.

If you are ready for a new way of living, a barn home or barndominium is the way to go. Many comforting, homey style options are available for you to choose from for your barn home, not to mention the great fun and anticipation you will have in creating it.