For many businesses, making the company sign visible at night is a critical part of attracting customers. Your business's sign must be bright enough to stand out enough from the other features in the landscape. People driving by must notice the sign and find it readable as well. In addition, different types of illumination can convey different messages about your business. The type of illumination you choose for your business's sign must have the right personality for your company and must have the right characteristics to meet your business's needs. Knowing the different types of illumination, as well as their advantages and disadvantages, will help you pick the right type of illumination for your business's sign.

Light box

This type of sign is made of an opaque material and is lit entirely from inside. Light boxes offer total illumination of the sign's message and the negative space around that message. Light box signs can include pictures and interesting background images. These signs are good for conveying complex messages in a variety of colors. Light boxes attract a lot of attention because they're so bright, which makes them good for businesses that want their signs to dominate the landscape.

Neon sign

Neon signs are only illuminated along the neon tubing. The focus on a neon sign is usually a one or two word message. Neon signs rarely include images or long, complex messages. Occasionally, neon signs will feature some simple images, but these images are drawn as outlines only, and have no depth or shading. Neon signs are commonly associated with bars, liquor stores and casual eateries, so when choosing a neon sign for your business, it's important to be cognizant of these associations.


LED signs are perfect for businesses that have regularly changing messages. LED signs can be programmed to state different things at different times. This dynamic interface allows the business to post information about promotional prices, new locations, daily specials and more. LED signs make a big impact because their bright, simple lights are designed for high-contrast, easy reading.

The type of illumination that you choose for your business's sign will depend on the type of information you want your sign to convey. For more information about the best type of illumination for your sign, contact a sign company today. Your sign company's customer service representative can answer any questions you might have about illuminating your business's sign.

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