The mere mention of the words "sewer backup" can cause anxiety for many homeowners, yet sewer backups are often preventable and avoidable. Recognizing the signs of an impending sewer clog can help you know when it's time to seek services from a professional. This FAQ article will cover issues for homeowners to help them recognize and act appropriately on sewer trouble.

What are the signs of a sewer clog?

The following signs indicate that a sewer clog could be coming in the near future:

  • Strange noises. You may notice gurgling noises coming from the drains of your home--and not just one drain, but all or several of the drains.
  • Slow drains throughout the house. You'll notice that many or all the plumbing fixtures in your home are draining slowly (not just one or two drains).
  • Damp spots around the drain in the basement floor. This is either a sign that the lowest drains in the house have begun to back up, or this is a sign that moisture in your basement is draining extra slowly.
  • Waste water that drains from a fixture in one part of the house backups into a fixture in another part of the house. For example, waste water from your washing machine may appear in a bathtub in a nearby room.

If your sewer is showing signs of a clog, can you use chemical tree root killer to clear the line?

If your drains are showing signs of an impending sewer clog, chemical tree root killer can be used to clear the line if tree roots are the source of the problem. Unfortunately, without paying for a professional inspection there's no way to know if the problem originates with tree roots. The most surefire way to clear your sewer line is to make an appointment with a plumbing service that offers sewer cleaning.

What can you do to prevent this problem in the future?

Sewer clogs are generally caused by one of two things: tree roots and household waste. When the professional plumbing service comes to clear your line, your plumber can assess the line and tell you what's causing your clog. Once your plumber knows what's causing the problem, he or she can tell you how to prevent it from clogging in the future. If your clog was caused by household waste, you may need to change the way you eliminate waste from your house. If your clog was caused by tree roots, you may need to remove one or two trees from your property. For more information, talk to your sewer cleaning service.

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