You can breathe new life into an old entertainment center by updating the stain. This will not only make the piece look more modern, it will also help protect and preserve the wood. If your old stain is fading away, your wood will be more vulnerable to moisture damage. This articles explains how to protect your wood and give your entertainment center and new look by applying a new stain.

Prepping the Wood

You can't just apply the new stain to your entertainment center without a bit of preparation work. In fact, don't be surprised if it takes longer to prep your wood than it does to actually stain it. You will need a few different sanding devices. First, a vibrating power sander should be used to sand most of the stain. Then, you will also need a some plain sandpaper and a sandpaper sponge. In each of these devices, you will want medium grit and extra fine grit sandpaper.

You start off by sanding the entire piece with the medium grit paper. This enables you to remove the majority of the stain more quickly. Use the sanding sponge to hit all of the corners, as well as the rounded or decorative edges. You need to sand until all of the old stain is removed, unless you happen to be painting your wood and solid color. However, since you are probably reapplying a tinted stain, you will need to expose the wood before staining.

Staining the Wood

Usually, the best way to stain a wooden piece of furniture is with rags. By using rags you can control dripping better and make it easier to get within the corners and crevices. The trick is to dip the rag directly into the can of stain. You need to remix the stain every few minutes to make sure the dye doesn't settle at the bottom of the can. Also, make sure you are wearing latex gloves to protect your hands during the process. Rub the stain until it is evenly applied to the wood.

Once the stain is completely dry, you will need to use steel wool to smooth out the finish. Then, you can apply a second coat or third coat. Make sure you use the steel wool between each coat and after the final coat.

As you can see, re-staining your entertainment center is fairly simple and straightforward. It is simple to make an old piece of furniture look new.

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