For those that enjoy boating, adding a dock to their property can make this enjoyable activity more convenient. However, it can be an unfortunate fact that there are many people that might overlook the maintenance needs that a wood dock will have. This mistake can cause the dock to suffer wear and tear that can lead to structural problems as well as unsightly cosmetic damages. To avoid these issues, you should use these three dock care tips.

Keep The Dock Clean

Washing the dock may not seem like it is an important or necessary task. However, it is possible for algae and mosses to start growing on the dock. These substances can make the dock unsafe by making the surface extremely slick. They can also contribute to the dock develop rot because they may trap moisture against the wood.

You can help to minimize the risks of your dock encountering these problems by making sure to pressure wash it every few months. The intense stream of water that the pressure washer produces can help to remove these substances without the need to use cleaning solutions that can potentially harm the dock's wood.

Protect The Wood Against Rot

A wood dock will be exposed to rather intense weathering over the course of time. This can result in the wood developng rot. However, you can greatly extend the life of your dock by making sure to regularly apply a wood sealant to it. These sealants will form a protective layer that will stop water from absorbing into the wood. While a sealant can help to protect your dock against rot, it will eventually lose effectiveness. As a result, you need to apply a sealant to the dock at least every year to ensure that it is as protected as possible.

Inspect The Planks Prior To The Start Of Boating Season

Regardless of the steps that you take to care for the wood dock, it is inevitable that the planks will eventually need to be replaced. Unfortunately, there are many people that may neglect inspecting these planks, which can allow them to become severely compromised. These weakened planks may be at risk of breaking when you walk over them, and this can lead to potentially serious injuries. By inspecting the plans prior to the start of boating season, you can ensure that you have any compromised sections of the dock repaired before you or your family is placed at risk of stepping on a weak plank and falling through the dock. When doing this inspection you will want to look for signs of rot, splitting or cracking, and if these issues are noticed, you will want to hire a professional to ensure the planks are properly replaced. Continue for additional reading.