If you are an avid gardener and notice higher water bills during droughts and times when irrigation is essential, you may be considering rain collection. The only problem is that most current designs give you an unsightly addition of barrels or some other types of deposits, which are probably not an adequate addition to your garden. You may want something that gives you garden a more natural looking solution to rain collection. Here are some ideas that you may want to consider to integrate rain collection systems into your garden design:

1. Dry Drainage Beds And Buried Collection Barrels

Dry drainage beds can be a great solution to add rain collection to your home. An excavation service can dig drain canals, line them and install a gravel fill to cover the drainage. This can do a few things for your rain collection. It can help filter the water, as well as hide the system. In addition, the canals can go to buried barrels or tanks that can be used to store the water. This is a simple solution for an attractive system, which can also give you more capacity for water with drainage for grading.

2. Direct Irrigation With The Use Of Drain Tiles And Downspouts

Another option that you may want to consider is direct irrigation through your downspouts. The downspouts can go directly to drain tiles that you have an excavation contractor install. You may also want to talk with the contractor about adding irrigation pipes that can come off of the drain tiles, which can ensure that the soil in your landscaping is always moist, providing the perfect conditions for plants and lawns.

3. Series Of Water Features And Collection Ponds To Contain Rain Water

Another option that you may want to consider for rain collection is a series of water features. These can be ponds and streams, as well as aquatic gardens. Aquatic plants can provide filtration for the system, while ponds and streams can give you a place to store the rain water. It is important to have this done by an excavation contractor and have them install liners to prevent water from draining into the ground. You may also want to have buried tanks installed to supplement these features and store water during dry times.

With a natural looking rain collection solution, your garden will still look wonderful and you will have the irrigation resources you need. You can contact an excavation contractor to help you with the design of an irrigation system that blends into your landscaping design naturally. Reach out to a company like Gerard Excavation LLC to get started.