Fire safety is a crucial component of great office design and practice. Here are some tips on how to make your office less vulnerable to a fire. 

Checking for Damaged Wires

On a regular basis, you should do an audit to check all of your cords for damage. Electrical cord damage can happen if the cord gets trapped under your machine or when a rodent gnaws on the wires. Aside from checking the wires you can see, you might want to have an electrician check your buildings internal wiring of damage or faulty connections. 

Checking the Capacity of Electrical Outlets

Surge protectors can help to protect your equipment from damage via too much voltage. However, don't be tempted to cram all of your office equipment onto just a few surge protectors. Make sure that the total voltage flowing through any one surge protector is within the capacity of both your surge protector and your electrical outlets to avoid a fire. 

Getting Your Circuits Tested

You may also want to regularly test your circuits to make sure that they are grounded properly. There is do-it-yourself circuit testing available for business managers on a budget. 

Using Fire Suppression Equipment

Another important part of fire safety is making sure that, once a fire starts, it is put out quickly. There are many types of fire suppression equipment for offices. First of all, having good firewalls in between sections of the building may stop a fire dead in its tracks. Aside from fire alarms, a good sprinkler system is also key. If you are worried about damaging your electronic equipment, you may be able to install fire sprinklers that release a mist instead of a steady stream of water; these are often used in server rooms. 

Finally, be sure that you always have a valid fire extinguisher on hand, especially one that is rated to extinguish electrical fires. This may be the most accessible option for employees to take control of a small office fire before it gets out of hand. Completing fire extinguisher training is a valuable prevention method; your contractor may be able to do a demonstration when they come to install your systems. Talk to a contractor like Amerisafe about their options. 

Being Alert for Issues

Finally, part of fire safety is simple awareness. If you notice something unusual going on with one of your appliances, your light switches, or a specific outlet, call your electrician into the office to check it out. The cost of an inspection is worth it to reduce the potential risk of loss and injury that can occur in an office fire.