If your family's home is located in an area of the country that experiences very cold weather during the winter season, then you will be happy to know that there are many things you can do to stay warm while still saving money on your electric bills, such as the following:

Tip: Change Your Furnace Filter Very Often

While you may already understand that it is important to change your furnace's filters each month during the winter season, what you may not realize is that it needs to be changed more frequently during times of extremely cold weather. The reason this is important is because as your furnace runs continually, it is constantly sucking in extra dirt and pet hair. The increase of particulate matter that gets trapped in the furnace filter will clog it more quickly. A clogged filter greatly lowers the heating efficiency of your furnace. The lower the heater's efficiency, then the more electrical power the furnace will need to use to keep you and your family warm.

Tip: Set Your Thermostat at a Reasonable Temperature on Extremely Cold Days

Whether you like it to be really warm or just plain hot in your house during the winter, this is not always possible on days when the exterior temperatures are well below freezing. To help your heater work more efficiently and save you some money, you should set the thermostat at a reasonable temperature when it is very cold outside. If you still feel cold, then you should dress in multiple layers of clothing and use a space heater to keep your immediate area warm. While it is not inexpensive to use a space heater, it is ultimately less expensive to heat your area than it is to heat your entire house. 

Tip: Keep Your Outdoor Furnace Vent Clear of Obstructions

Finally, your furnace vents outside, and if this vent is clogged or blocked by things like building materials or patio furniture, then the furnace will need to work harder to properly heat your home. In addition, if the furnace is not venting its exhaust to the outdoors, then harmful carbon monoxide can build up in your home. Before the outdoor temperatures become extremely cold, take a quick walk around the exterior of your home and remove any objects blocking your home's furnace's vent. While you are checking the vents, take the time to caulk around all of your windows and doors to help keep the heat inside of your home.

For more information and assistance with repair and maintenance of your furnace, contact heating repair professionals in your area.