It seems strange that anyone would rent a crash truck, especially since most airports have their own. However, crash trucks could be used for other things too. Here are just a few suggestions that may help you rethink crash trucks, and steer you toward a crash truck rental for these purposes.

Watering Crops or Putting Out Wildfires in a Field

Because crash trucks come fully loaded with their own water supply, it is akin to driving a firefighter's water truck. It makes them really ideal for watering small fields of crops (when your irrigation system fails) or for putting out wildfires in fields. Since these uses are temporary, it makes better sense to rent the crash truck rather than buy it.

Battering Rams for Leveling Trees/Trees on Fire

With the massive size of crash trucks and the way they are shaped, they can be used to level everything in front of them too. While you would not ordinarily use a vehicle like this as a battering ram for anything else, it may be possible to use it to level a grove of trees. It would also be effective for leveling trees on fire so that the fires raging in the treetops are brought down to ground level and cannot ignite more trees. The trucks themselves are already designed to be fireproof so that they can handle automotive and airplane fires. Imagine what they can do when they are used to handle and control tree fires.

Temporary Supports for Low Bridges That Are Collapsing

While this would be a rare thing (and you would have to get a rented crash truck to the scene in a hurry), you could use the height and the flat roof of a crash truck as a temporary structural support. Low bridges that are cracked and slowly collapsing can benefit from the support of the crash truck. The height of the bridge would have to be a few inches to a foot higher than the crash truck for it to work. Then the truck could slowly and carefully drive under the low bridge just below the cracked area. Leaving the truck parked there until the bridge can be repaired prevents the bridge from collapsing entirely and potentially injuring dozens of people. If the damaged portion is in no danger of immediate collapse, it will be easier to get the crash truck to the site and parked underneath.