If you don't have a garage or carport on your property, you may be considering whether or not to add one. A metal building contractor can install a carport next to your home or elsewhere on your property to provide protection for your vehicle. Having one of these structures offers a host of benefits you might not have thought of before. Here is a brief overview of some benefits you can enjoy with the addition of a carport.

Guaranteed Parking

If parking on your street is limited, or if you simply don't have the option to park on the street in your neighborhood, adding a carport with a driveway provides instant access to guaranteed parking. Metal carports come in a variety of sizes, so you can pick a structure that offers space for two or more vehicles to fit your family's needs. Your contractor may also be able to help you install a gravel driveway as part of your carport construction project. Being able to park your car next to your home can also provide you with added peace of mind, particularly if you are parking late at night. You won't have to make the long walk to your home in the dark, and you can feel more secure as you leave your vehicle as well.

Flexible Usage Options

Carports are open structures with a covered roof, which means they can be used for a great deal more than just parking. Use your carport as a pavilion for birthday parties or outdoor dinner parties so your guests can dine in the shade outdoors, or use it for boat or RV storage during the winter months. Your carport can also be used to store a number of larger items, from bicycles to ATVs, so you can keep these items out of your yard and safely protected from rain and snow.


With a traditional garage, you have to worry about garage door maintenance as well as opening the garage door when you pull up. If you are unloading groceries or getting children out of your vehicle, managing all this while remembering where you left your garage door opener can be a hassle. With a carport, you simply pull your car up and exit the vehicle. There are no doors to worry about, and you still get the benefits of a covered structure to protect your car from the elements.

Talk to a metal building contractor, like one from Thompson Builders, and explore the different options available to you. Carports come in a range of designs and styles, so you can find the one that meets your needs and your available space.