Living in an area where hurricanes are a threat probably means you are ready at a moment's notice to start gathering emergency supplies and boarding up your windows when a warning comes in. However, too many homeowners who live in a hurricane-prone area forget to prepare one specific component of their property before the storm makes landfall: their well pump. Whether you have a submersible well pump or a jet style pump over the ground, it is important to prepare this property fixture so you don't sustain costly damage during the storms. Here are a few tips to help you prepare your well pump for a hurricane just like you do the rest of the house:

Make sure the well pump is properly secured. 

High winds and high waters are both common during a hurricane, and both of these elements can sweep away an unsecured well pump, whether it is inside of your well or out. Therefore, one of the first things you need to do to protect our well pump is to make sure it is properly anchored in place. If you have a submersible well pump, do a quick check to make sure it is firmly seated against the well wall. If you have an above-ground pump, anchor it with U-bolts to something sturdy, such as a heavy wooden beam. 

Cut the power to your well pump before the storm arrives. 

Having power supplied to your well pump during a major storm is simply not a good idea. If the pump is running during the storm, it can make it even more susceptible to damage. Plus, if the power goes out, which is a fairly common occurrence during a hurricane, and then suddenly comes back on, the power surge can be harmful to the well pump's electrical system. Shut off the breaker to the pump just before the storm hits to be on the safe side. 

Protect exterior components from flying debris. 

As the winds hit major speeds, it can mean a lot of flying debris. While your submersible well pump will be protected by the casing of the well beneath the ground, an above-ground pump and any pump components over ground can be right in harm's way. You can protect the exposed pump and components by wrapping it in a cushioned material, such as basic foam sheeting in several layers, or by at the least laying a piece of plywood over the pump and its components. 

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