There are times when people make the mistake of assuming that they do not need to have their heating system checked before cold weather hits and end up with their heat going out on them in the middle of winter. When this happens, it can create a difficult situation for families. The following guide walks you through what you need to do when your heat goes out during a cold winter.

Contact a Heating Company Right Away

You need to contact a heating company right away to come to repair the heating in your home. If it is a weekend, you can expect to pay a bit more for their services because the technician will be working during a time when they may have been off of work. Be sure to be able to tell the technician if you noticed any issues before the heat stopped working, smelled anything out of the ordinary, or simply saw that the heating system was struggling.

Let the Water Trickle in All of the Bathrooms

When your heat goes out, the pipes in your home can sometimes freeze because there is no heat keeping them warm. You need to turn on all of the faucets in your home slightly to keep the pipes from freezing. Water that moves cannot freeze as easily as water that is sitting still. You do not need to have a heavy flow of water coming out of the faucets. A light trickle will be sufficient.

Keep Everyone in One Room

If you want to keep everyone as warm as they can be until the heat can be fixed, huddle together in one room. Your body heat can help to keep everyone warm and also help to put your family at ease that everything is going to be alright. Be sure to have pets snuggle with your family, as well. If you have hamsters or guinea pigs, it is important to know that they can go into hibernation when temperatures drop. If you notice that one of these pets stop moving, do not be alarmed. Their bodies may have just gone into hibernation mode and may be fine once the temperatures warm up again.

When your heat is restored, do not make the mistake of pumping it up as high as it can go to get the house warmer faster. This can strain the system and cause it to be damaged again. Allow the heat to rise over time, instead.