When your roof begins to leak due to damaged and missing shingles, it can cause moisture damage to the underlying roofing layers and your home's interior. Moisture damage leads to mold and mildew growth and the associated health problems in you and your family members. Here are some instructions to help you repair and replace damaged roofing materials with the right building supplies to prevent further problems.

Patch Roof Damage

Missing and damaged shingles on your roof can cause moisture leaks into the roofing felt and onto the roofing deck below. A single leak through your shingles can cause moisture and dry rot to the roofing deck and require replacement of its materials to restore the roof's integrity. 

When you locate a cracked, torn, or missing shingle on your roof, you can replace it with a new shingle. You can get a box of new shingles from most home improvement or roofing construction company. Be sure to select replacement shingles that match or closely match your existing roofing shingles. You may also have an extra box of shingles stored in your home from the last time your home was re-shingled and these are helpful to have on hand.

Remove the damaged shingle by carefully lifting up the shingle positioned above the area of damage with a pry bar, being sure to remove two rows of roofing nails from the damaged shingle. It can be helpful to complete the repairs during sunny weather, which softens and makes the shingles pliable and less likely to break during the repairs. Slip a new shingle into the vacated space and reattach it by inserting a row of roofing nails through the middle and top of the shingle. Keep in mind the top row of roofing nails will be inserted through the shingle located above it.

Replace Roof Materials

Roofing damage that has resulted in moisture leaks in your home should be dealt with by replacing the affected materials. Check the interior of your home, especially the attic space directly below the damage. Look for any signs of water stains, mold growth, and discoloration around metal roofing attachments. 

On the exterior of your home, remove the shingles and roofing felt from the area of damage or on the entire roof so you can fully inspect the area. You may want to replace the entire roof to restore it to full quality. Tear off any water-damaged roofing deck and replace it with new plywood from a local home improvement or roofing store, then follow with a new layer of roofing felt. Leaving damaged materials on your roof can result in eventual failure of your roof and additional interior damage and further expense to correctly repair and replace the roof.