If your home is on a septic system for waste treatment, failures can lead to costly repairs and problems with the plumbing in your home. Older septic systems have outdated designs that can be retrofitted or renovated to meet the modern waste treatment needs of your home. For example, if you have a concrete tank, it may need to be retrofitted with a new liner. The drain field is also an area where you may want to consider improvements to prevent costly septic system failures. Here are a few tips to help prevent septic system failure and costly plumbing repairs:

1. Improvements For Out Dated And Undersize Tanks

One of the problems with outdated tanks is that they're undersized. This often means that they will not treat the waste from your plumbing efficiently. An undersized tank is going to need to be pumped and serviced more often. To solve this problem, you may want to consider having an additional treatment tank installed to help reduce problems with the tank quickly becoming full of solids and needing to be pumped more frequently.

2. Retrofitting Concrete Tanks With New Liners To Prevent Leaks And Cracks

For decades, septic tanks have been manufactured using concrete materials. These are durable tanks that can last for decades, but they have some unique problems. The concrete inside the tank can degrade and cause serious damage. Concrete tanks often leak and crack, which is why you may want to consider retrofitting yours with a liner to prevent these problems.

3. Modern Drainage Improvements For Out Dated Drain Fields

The drain field of your septic system is another area that can lead to problems with the tank and household plumbing. You want to make sure that your septic system has good drainage, which is why you may want to consider improvements like secondary drain field that can help improve the flow of liquid waste that comes from the tank.

4. Pumps, Pump Tanks, And Distribution Boxes For Better Percolation

For the liquid waste to percolate or filter through soil efficiently, it needs to be delivered to the drain field evenly. With older systems, this is often difficult, but there are improvements that can help. You may want to consider installing a pump and pump tank, which can pump effluent to the distribution box to be evenly distributed to the drain field lines.

With the right improvements to septic systems, you will only need to do occasional routine maintenance and not have to worry about failures or costly repairs. Contact a septic service like A-Bell Excavating Inc. for help with maintenance and improvements to update your system.