If you need to have a new water well drilled, there are a lot of things to consider before your well can be drilled. You will want to have the property surveyed to determine the best location for your new well, as well as consider the type of equipment that is going to be needed. Therefore, it is a good idea to have a professional water well installation service to help with the process. Here are some tips to help ensure your new well provides you with clean running water:

1. Surveying Your Property To Find Ground Water Close To The Surface

Finding water close to the surface is one of the most important steps in drilling a well. To find the best place to drill a water well, you will want to have a geological survey done. This is something that a drilling service can help you with to find water that is close to the surface to reduce the depth and cost of drilling.

2. The Well Drilling Process And Installation Of Well Casing And Head Pad

Once the best location for your new well has been determined, the process of drilling can be started. The casing of the well will be installed as the drilling is done, until it reaches a depth with sufficient groundwater supplies. Once the casing is installed, a wellhead and pad can be added. The wellhead pad is used to prevent drainage from contaminating the well.

3. Installing The Water Well Pump And Flushing The Well For The First Time

There are several choices of pumps that can be installed when drilling a new water well. The pumps can be jet pumps that are located on the surface or submersible pumps inside the casing. For modern homes, submersible pumps are a more practical solution because they are out of sight and protected from the elements outside.

4. Dealing With Heavy Metals, Minerals, And Other Water Quality Problems With Wells

There are many minerals and heavy metals that are often in groundwater supplies. These natural materials can cause problems with water quality. To solve water quality problems, you may have to have well filtration systems installed to remove minerals and heavy metals from the water.

These are some tips to help with the installation of new water wells to ensure you have clean running water in your home. If you need a well drilled, contact a water well installation specialist to help with the planning and installation of all the equipment needed for your home.