There are many different solutions for gutters that protect your home from rain runoff. When installing new gutters, making the right choices will reduce wear and provide your home with more protection from rain and weather. Here are some tips to help you install gutters that last longer and provide your home with more protection from different types of weather conditions:

1. Seamless Gutters to Prevent Leaks and Damage to Eaves

Seamless gutters are a modern solution that is made onsite. These gutters have no seams, which reduces problems with leaks, wear, and gutters coming loose at the eaves. If you currently have sectional gutters installed on your home, talk to a gutter contractor like Wrights Gutters & Guards about seamless gutters to ensure your gutters last for years and never have leaks at the seams.

2. Improving Gutter Downspout Drains to Prevent Foundation Damage

The gutter downspouts are an area that you will want to consider improvements to prevent damage to the foundation. You want to make sure that downspouts have longer drain lines that empty runoff from your roof a safe distance from your home and not near the foundation, where static pressure can cause damage and leaks.

3. Reduce Wear of Shingles with the Installation of Proper Gutter Guards

Shingle wear happens when gutters collect debris from trees or cause ice dams to form. Having a solid type gutter guard installed on your home can help protect the eaves from wear and damage caused by trees and ice dams forming. Even if you do have gutter guards installed, it is important to routinely clean your gutters, which needs to be done more often during the autumn months.

4. Using Screw Fasteners to Prevent Gutters from Coming Loose and Falling Off

Gutters are often installed with long galvanized nails that have a sheath around them inside the gutter. These nails can come loose and cause gutters to fall off your home. To ensure gutters do not start working loose, use screws instead of nails to fasten the gutters to the eaves of your home. Screws will hold better and ensure that your gutters last for many years to come.

These are some tips to help with installing gutters that provide your home with more protection from different weather conditions. If you are ready to give your home protection from rain and water problems, contact a gutter service and talk to them about some of these solutions.