Steel buildings are largely durable and strong structures. However, they can experience damages that will need to be repaired if the structure is to remain stable and sturdy. Luckily, the design and construction of these structures will make many of the more common damages that are encountered easy to repair.


The exterior of metal buildings will be treated with coatings that can protect them against corrosion. Unfortunately, this coating will not be permanent, and it will eventually weaken. When this occurs, the exterior will be far more susceptible to the development of corrosion. Luckily, minor corrosion can be repaired without the need to replace entire panels of the building. This is done by using a sander or other tool to remove the layer of rust so that a new sealant can be applied to reduce the risk of the corrosion returning.


Metal buildings will be extremely strong, but they can still be punctured by forceful impacts. Industrial buildings can be especially vulnerable to this damage as vehicles, machines, and employees moving materials can all be sources of impacts that create punctures in the exterior walls. For small punctures, a steel building repair professional will be able to apply a patch that will close the puncture without needing to replace much of the panel. Unfortunately, larger punctures and holes may not be effectively patched as the hole may have weakened the panel too much.

Warped Panels

When strong storms or high-winds move through the area, they may cause extensive damage to the buildings in the area. While steel buildings are strong in the face of these threats, they will have their limits. In extreme cases, it can be possible for some of the exterior panels of the building to warp. This may result in these panels actually being peeled away from the rest of the structure. The only repair for this type of damage will be to replace the panels that have been warped in this manner. In this regard, the design and construction techniques used in steel buildings can be beneficial as the panels used in them will be much easier to remove and replace than traditional walls. This can allow for the damaged exterior panels to be replaced in a matter of days, which can help to limit additional damage to the structure. Other repairs to the building may also be required, such as replacing water-damaged insulation and electrical components, but a full damage assessment will be needed before you know whether this is necessary.

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