When it comes to roof replacement, there are two different approaches people tend to take. Some people wait until their roof is truly on their last legs — until it is leaking, crumbling, and a in terrible shape. Other people are a bit more proactive and replace their roof at the first sign of decline, whether that's loss of shingle granules or a tiny leak.

Which approach should you take? Well, in most cases, you're better off being the second person — the proactive person. Here are a few benefits of replacing your roof before it becomes too urgent of a project. 

1. You won't have to repair water damage.

The longer you wait to replace your roof, the more water damage your attic will suffer. You may end up with moist insulation that needs to be replaced. Some of the floor joists and maybe even the ceilings in your upstairs rooms might need to be replaced, too. On the other hand, if you replace your roof earlier before there are any leaks, you won't have this water damage to content with. If there are just a few drops of water, you can typically just dry them up and plug in a dehumidifier for a few days. This is so much cheaper and easier.

2. You can take your time choosing your roof materials and getting various estimates.

If you wait until your roof is in terrible shape before replacing it, you'll be in a rush. You may have to settle for the first shingles that are available or hire the first roofing company than can squeeze you in. When you have your roof replaced proactively, then you can take your time with the estimate phase. You can get estimates from three companies, research your materials, and ultimately choose a roof and roofing company that better suit your needs.

3. You stand a better chance of being able to keep your current underlayment and tar paper.

If you replace your roof while it is still in decent condition, the underlayment, which is the wood underneath the shingles, will probably still be in good shape. The roofers may even be able to reuse the tar paper layer. This will save you money, and it will save your roofers time — which will also save you money. If the roof is in disrepair when it's replaced, then you'll almost certainly need to have at least part of the underlayment replaced, which adds to the cost.

Putting off a roof replacement does not usually save you money. In fact, it's the least convenient of the two roof replacement approaches. Have your roof replaced sooner, and life will be simpler. Find roofing replacement services in your area today.